Wonderful Game of Soccer

Soccer is always played only in a rectangular field which is mostly made up of grass. However, artificial turf fields are also used for playing the game and the goal is present at the center of the end zone for each team. Kicking the ball into the goal post of the opponent team is the way by which a goal is made. Except the goalkeepers, the rest of the players can only touch the ball with their feet. The goalkeepers can use their arms and hands to prevent the ball from falling in their goal. Sometimes, to push the ball forward the players do use their head and body.

The winner of the game is the team which earns the highest points in the game. The game can come to a draw if both the teams make the same number of goals. However, penalty shootout or extra time can be allotted if the teams score the same score.

The origins of football can be traced back to as early as 1863 and the Football Association gave birth to this amazing game in the nation of the United Kingdom. This organization was responsible for starting the game and the game was created on the basis of the Laws of the Game. Nowadays, the countries who take part in soccer abide by the rules set out by the International Federation of Association Football also known as the FIFA.

The world-prominent soccer match is the FIFA World Cup which occurs only in four years and the regulations mentioned in the Laws of the Game govern the matches played in this competition. The teams participating in the matches each have a captain who has the right to make decisions during the game.

The players are strictly restricted from touching the ball with their hands at any part of the match and when the normal play is on, the players can send the ball in any direction they want, with the only exception that the ball cannot be kicked to the offside. Several strategies are used by players so as to score a goal which includes dribbling and passing the ball to fellow teammates and during the play the teammates of the opposite team will try to break the pass of the ball.

The game time of a football match is 90 minutes which is divided into halves of 45 minute with a break of 15 minutes between the two parts. Referee manages that there is no ill-feeling between the players throughout the game and that all the Laws of the Game are followed in the match and his say is taken as the final decision concerning the match.

Soccer is widely referred to as football and is the most famous of all the games which is liked and appreciated by both the players and spectators all over the world and people eagerly look forward to watch the FIFA World Cup.

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